My name is Autumn C: I love a handful of silly things like drawing, video games, animals, and chocolate

This blog is completely jumbled with various interests. Sometimes I post art, cosplay, crap I make, or sometimes just some pictures of myself undoubtedly doing stupid things. I try to tag my posts with whatever fandom it pertains to so if you don't want to see certain posts, feel free to add them to your filter!
Homestuck, Warm Bodies, Sword Art Online, Shingeki No Kyojin, Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, Halo, Adventure Time, Avatar, Legend of Korra, Final Fantasy

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My secret is that I once went an entire year without brushing my teeth. At the end of it, the dentist complimented me on my excellent hygiene.

hOW?? ? I have such terrible teeth gosh I’m jealous 

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My secret is after reading or watching anything horror related I become hyper paranoid about what I read or read.

I’m so excited I’m buying my plane ticket in a few days to go fly and see Zach next month ahhh Also he’s finally gonna have regular internet so we actually skype now I’m so happy!!


"wow I’m really stoked to see what this 9th grader has to tell me about how the real world works"

- me every single time I come on this website

"This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously."

Reblog every time.

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hello! sorry to bother you i just thought i should tell you that some of your cosplay links( and other links as well maybe?) link to your old blog. im v sorry!!

Oh no! Thank you so much, I totally forgot to relink them.

kalwaii asked
How in tarnations do you style that wig


Uh I 


have no idea 


what I’m doing




Day 40: Now that 40 days have passed, how much longer till you see your SO again? Do you have anything special planned when you’re together again?

Well sadly it’s been longer than 40 days since I couldn’t keep up on doing this daily. But we won’t see each other for about 2 months. I’ll be flying out to Missouri at the end of August to meet his family and friends and see where he’s grown up. That’ll be the last visit we have before he moves, so that’s pretty inspiring :) Not sure what we’ll do when I get out there - I’d like to take an adventure out to Six Flags or something (I think that’s what he suggested?) But screaming at the top of your lungs on a life threatening ride is always fun in my book :D 

Now that this 40 day challenge is over, I’ll probably pick up another challenge. If you don’t want to see it - just like this one - it will be tagged with #Tumblr Challenge and whatever else I decide.